Reembodying Wholeness


your self regulation abilities


your body as a safe home


mind-body-spirit coherence


resilience, connection, presence
and aliveness


your capacity to engage socially and sustain intimate relationships


with your body's wisdom, natural intelligence and innate capacity to self heal


Contraction is expansion waiting to happen

What is Trauma?

Trauma, also referred to as Accumulated Stress, is often the result of an overwhelming event that exceeds one’s ability to cope or integrate the emotions and sensations involved with that experience.

It can involve one experience, or repeating events that can become encapsulated and have delayed response by weeks, years, or even decades.

Trauma involves a dysregulation of the nervous system. The traumatic impact lies not in the event, but in the nervous system.

Our instinctual flight and fight mechanisms, charged by our nervous system during the event, are not able to complete and discharge the energies involved. These energies become thwarted and held up in the nervous system.

This often results in feeling stuck in flight, fight or freeze.

The energy fixations in the system cause an array of symptoms, patterns or cycles that continue to repeat themselves within our lives, continuously attempting to complete and discharge.


What is Somatic Experiencing®?

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-centered therapeutic method for healing from traumatic or overwhelming life situations and chronic stress. SE can offer you an experience of re-embodiment where there has been disconnection caused by trauma.

SE is an integrative psycho-physiological (mind-body) approach. Deepening its roots in neurobiology, SE is a form of somatic body oriented therapy and works with the physiology of the autonomic nervous system.

The SE method helps the nervous system resolve and move out of fixated physiological states and traumatic shock; with a specific focus on emotional regulation, arousal modulation, and the biological discharge, release and completion of self-protective responses (orienting/ fight/ flight/ freeze). SE is also applied for the resolution of relational trauma.

It is the life's work of Dr. Peter A. Levine, resulting from his multidisciplinary study of stress physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics, together with over 45 years of successful clinical application.


For more information about Somatic Experiencing® and Dr. Peter Levine, trauma causes and symptoms, please visit the Resources section.



Trauma is a fact of life. It doesn´t have to be a life sentence

Peter Levine

How Somatic Experiencing® can help heal Trauma

When the nervous system is overwhelmed, we experience over-arousal and disorganization, often called dysregulation. This can lead to debilitating symptoms of panic, anxiety, depression, shame and disconnection, among others.

Trauma can seriously impair a person's ability to function with resilience and ease.

Somatic Experiencing® helps the body restore its innate capacities for healing, guiding us to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your body.


Somatic Experiencing® facilitates the completion of self-protective motor responses and the release of thwarted survival energy bound in the body. In this way it addresses the root cause of trauma symptoms.

What makes SE different to traditional talk therapy? SE is a deep physiological process using body focused awareness and a container of safety.

The aim is to access the body memory of the traumatic event, not the story. This serves to gradually reset the nervous system, restore inner balance and enhance resilience to stress.

During the safe environment of SE sessions you will:

  • Be guided to notice your body's felt sense and explore your inner somatic landscape through the language of sensations. This sensory awareness will provide internal awareness of sensations, awareness of safety or threat in the environment, and your body's felt sense in relation to the outside world.
  • Gain access to restorative physiological action patterns, allowing the thwarted survival energies bound in the body to be safely and gradually discharged and completed. This is a renegotiation of traumatic past events, which will allow you to reengage life with renewed optimism, presence, creativity, spontaneity and joy.
  • Learn increased tolerance for both difficult and pleasurable bodily sensations and suppressed emotions, building a wider container to hold your life experiences.


accumulated Stress


to Self-Regulate


your Nervous System


your Resilience towards
future Trauma

More effects, shifts and benefits you can expect with SE work

  • Reduction or alleviation of trauma symptoms such as: anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, rage, unexplained chronic physical pain, recurring tension, hyper vigilance, flashbacks, fatigue, mood swings, hypersensitivity, disconnection, confusion, extreme vulnerability, etc.
  • Stabilisation of the nervous system function, from fixation to flow.
  • Increased capacities to self-regulation and co-regulation.
  • Transformation of past negative, abusive, overwhelming experiences.
  • Restoration of healthy personal boundaries (internal and external) and connection to Self and others.
  • Settling anxiety, honoring emotions and exploring healthy aggression.
  • Building the capacity to tolerate both pain and pleasure.
  • Recognizing the tendency to disregard or override body's responses and reconnecting with its wisdom.
  • Learning to resource and self-soothe to support settling and containment.
  • Increased resiliency to face and deal with stress, challenges and difficult emotions.
  • Coming back to one's window of tolerance.
  • Increased responsiveness flexibility.
  • Growing abilities to be more present and spontaneous, more engaged in life.
  • Rewiring of addictive coping mechanisms.
  • Increased focus and concentration.
  • Deeper sense of ease and fulfillment within the Self and the world.
  • Restoration of spiritual connectedness.
  • Recovering a deeper and stronger Sense of Self.
  • Developing more secure and fulfilling relationships guided by our body's here-and-now wisdom.
  • Increased connection to a sense of joy, contentment and flow.

Daya Cabestany


As someone who found profound healing and improved resilience trough SE, I feel deeply honored and passionate for having the opportunity to hold space for others as they embark on their own journey of healing, embodiment and self-discovery.


Daya Cabestany


As someone who found profound healing and improved resilience trough SE, I feel deeply honored and passionate for having the opportunity to hold space for others as they embark on their own journey of healing, embodiment and self-discovery.


How I work

I believe in the innate wisdom within our bodies, SE has taught me that by honoring the organic intelligence in our nervous system and facilitating the proper conditions within both the therapeutic relationship and within the client, the system is supported to greater re-organisation and integration.

My aim is to offer you tools and take-aways from the beginning of our work together.

I intend the therapeutic process to be an empowering experience, helping you build skills for daily life.

During sessions you will gradually learn to calm your body's emergency response system, quiet your mind, self regulate, ground, build a sense of safety and greater resilience.

I gently interweave somatic psycho-education into the processing, aware of the importance of meeting the mind in its search for meaning. Not just because of the relief that offers but as a way to ignite a training for  your prefrontal cortex's capacities.

For a while you may feel as if you were learning a new language; the language of sensations,  a trustworthy  guide into the exploration of your somatic inner realms.

Understanding how necessary emotional safety, solid boundaries and complete trust are for trauma healing work, my intention is to hold space for your process in a way that allows you to feel safe and contained every step of our work together.

My clients often describe me as compassionate, non-judgmental, gentle, respectful, intuitive, skilled, grounded, reliable, sensitive and safe.

My personal and academic experience with yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices and philosophy, consciousness exploration, the 12 Steps, recovery from codependency, attachment wounds and childhood trauma, and understanding of addictions inform my SE practice and approach to healing.

My practice is primarily inspired  by the work and research of Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory), Dr. Pat Ogden, Dr.Janina Fisher,  Dr. Diane Poole Heller, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Pia Melody, Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Bessel van Der Kolk and other cutting edge researchers and trauma and attachment experts.

I am a certified Somatic Experiencing® practitioner and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, and have worked in the field of addiction in a treatment centre. I amcommited to my personal and professional process of deepening my own  experience and skills through ongoing training in a variety of somatic therapeutic modalities.

I am a member of the Somatic Experiencing Spanish Association

I am also a member of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

I regularly particpate in international SE trainings as an interpreter and training assistant.

My Story

My passion for the healing arts developed through my own healing and life journey.

I grew up in a culturally and spiritually diverse background. From a very young age I was exposed to and often immersed in the exploration of a variety of schools of thought and practices in the fields of psychology, meditation, sacred ritual and energetic healing. I soaked it all in, curious and open.

A holistic journey of research and development began in my early twenties. During long stays in India I immersed myself in explorations, studies and trainings in different spiritual lineages and healing methodologies.

A flame of deep longing for unraveling and understanding the complexities and mysteries of human nature danced in my heart.

I was by then already enduring some of the debilitating symptoms of childhood trauma, without yet having the knowledge to understand it for what it was but a clear sense that what I sometimes felt inside did not match my reality outside. Quite confusing. An acute personal awareness was coupled with a fascination about the contradictions I noticed.

My passion for discovering the missing link was ignited.

It was some years later after having accumulated some more life experience, settled in my island home, Ibiza, having found my life partner and given birth to my two beautiful and healthy children, that the nagging sensation that something was wrong or missing became unbearable.

I could not run away from it any longer.

I dove into a new and deeper cycle of ongoing embodied learning, therapy, research, study and trainings in the realms of psychology, Yoga, meditation, energy work and addictions recovery; drawing from teachings and inspiration from east and west, and traveling the world to meet my teachers and therapists; voraciously exploring consciousness and the vast domain of human psyche.

Yet, still, something didn't make sense.

Something was missing.

I felt broken.

My life seemed perfect from the outside. I had everything I had ever wished for, yet still felt disconnected and confused by the amounts of pain and contradiction I was experiencing.

An abundance of tools and awareness were available to me, but deep down something wasn't shifting. I didn't feel safe or grounded in my body, and the anxiety I felt didn't match my life circumstances.

Until Somatic Experiencing® found me.

Certifications & Ongoing Trainings

Coach and Mentor  EMCC certification

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner SEP Certification by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

IFS Certified Practitioner 

Level I Internal Family Systems

Level II : IFS addictions and Eating disorders

Sensorimotor Psychoterapy

Level I: Training in Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory

Level II: Training in Emotional Processing, Meaning Making and Attachment Repair

Level III: Advanced Integrative Training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy


TIST Trauma Informed Stabilisation Treatment Levels 1 & 2  with Janina Fisher Phd


NeuroAffective Touch® graduate with Aline La Pierre Phd: : introducing touch as a vital bridge to body-mind integration in the field of developmental trauma healing.

Resilience and Regulation with Kathy Kain Phd

Bodynamic International Foundation graduate

Safe and Sound Protocol Certified Provider SSP Dr.Stephen Porges's auditory protocol

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation KRI Certified

Currently in Training:

Carl Rogers  person-centered group and individual therapy 

Family Constellations group, couples  and individual family constellations facilitator 


Field related Post Advanced Continued Education:

IFS Trauma and Legacy Burdens with Dick Schwartz Founder of IFS

IFS befriending Difficult protectors with Mike Elkin

IFS Embracing our legacy burdens and heirlooms with Osnat Arbel Phd

IFS Trauma and Neuroscience with Frank Anderson Phd

IFS Compassion for the addictive process with Cece Sykes

IFS Food and Body with Jeanne Cantizano

IFS Direct Access with Paul Nestaudt

Shame and Prime, Coming to the Authentic Self with Peter Levine Phd

Breath, Emotion and Awareness with Peter Levine Phd

12th Swiss Learning Festival: Polarities with Dr. Peter Levine and Kathy Kain Phd

Autoimmune Diseases with Peter Levine Phd

Shock and Developmental Trauma with Elisabeth Schneider-Kaiser

Fascia and Embodiment with Karin Locher, Centre for Spatial Medicine

Developmental Trauma with Liana Netto

Visual function and trauma, applying Bates method to SE with Nina Hutchings

Somatic couples therapy with Kekuni Minton, at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Certification in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies with Linda Thai





Growing our abilities to process the intensity of human experience


Somatic Experiencing® has transformed my relationship to both my body and my mind. I love its gentle yet powerful approach, and the way it feels truly holistic, allowing me to release at a psychological and somatic level.

It has unlocked things that other therapies have never been able to reach, yet in a way that is soothing and natural.

Working with SE has deepened my inner awareness, empowering me to take charge of my own healing and balance my system from within.

Daya creates a beautiful, safe space for this process to unfold. She is a gifted therapist, sensitive and compassionate while highly professional.



I have been so very grateful to have found Somatic Experiencing®. I think that cognitive therapy is very helpful and it has been a big part of my personal development, but SE helped me get back in touch with my body, literally.

I has helped me expand my capacity to hold my own ground and to become my own safe container. For that I am immensely grateful.

It works so gently, yet it has a big impact not only because of the therapy form in itself, but also because of the way Daya holds the space and knows exactly how far to take it and when to stop. She truly understands human development and how to make me feel safe and supported enough to just let go and open up.

Daya is one of the best therapists I have ever come across.


Entrepreneur, yoga teacher & life coach

Somatic Experiencing me ha proporcionado un gran desarrollo personal de conocimiento de mi misma y grandes herramientas para saber como abrazar los traumas y heridas del pasado, dando paso a un disfrute de la vida, familia y amistades; disfrutando de una profunda comprensión y sanación, a través de un sutil y muy agradable proceso que recomiendo profundamente a todo el mundo, por la gran transformación que ofrece.

Trabajar con Daya ha sido un viaje desde mi infancia al momento actual para entenderme, acompañarme y abrazarme a mi misma, conociendo mis fortalezas, mis talentos, construyendo y reparando mi sistema nervioso, a través del muy recomendable acompañamiento de Daya. Terapeuta con una enorme sensibilidad, empatía, sabiduría, intuición, profesionalidad y calidad humana.

Estar con Daya es estar en casa, es sentir un abrazo materno-profesional de un altísimo nivel.

Núria Durán

CEO y fundadora de Made of Yoga

When I started my Somatic Experiencing® sessions with Daya I was very curious and open but had no idea of the depth and greatness of this work. Each session is a journey to amazing inner landscapes that reveal and release restlessness from the nervous system. This release is felt since the session is finished and expands into daily life. It just feels as if you have taken tons of weight from your soul!

This work has very well supported my aspirations of feeling grounded and safe, and has gone far beyond my expectations making me feel free and relaxed in unknown ways. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is just feeling ungrounded and to everything who is dealing with pain or trauma of any kind. It makes a great difference.

Daya has the perfect balance of intuition and intention, and her presence is soothing and protective, the best hand to hold if you need to deal with unknown or hidden emotions, or you just need to surrender to the present moment.


Designer, educator & yoga teacher

I came to work with Daya after having had a few sessions of psychotherapy and realizing that an approach that was purely focused on the mind was not for me. My body was calling for a more integral method that connected my mental and emotional life with my bodily sensations and sense of wellbeing.

Somatic Experiencing® gave me this mind-body connection. It is a method designed to loosen and unlock our mental distress by feeling it in our bodies, thereby workings towards a new and healthier perception of ourselves, our boundaries and our relationships with others.

Daya is a wonderful guide and teacher in this process. Her respectful, calm and warm nature always instilled a sense of peace and safety in me.

With her as a guide it was ok to explore emotions and parts of my body that had been hurting for a long time. Daya has a great intuition and an enormous sensibility for the needs and pace of healing of her clients.



Daya is a very sensitive and intuitive therapist. She helped me feel safe and open up for healing in her sessions.

I am very grateful to have experienced lots of benefits from the SE work I have done with Daya. Some examples are:

I've learned to put healthy boundaries by feeling and accepting my emotions.

I've got some new skills to regulate my nervous system regarding old traumas.

I've been held and guided, and experienced deep compassion and love for myself.


Yoga teacher and Life Coach

The holistic combination of therapist, therapy and space, turn this experience into a boundless opportunity for development, both as an individual and as a part of a whole.


Father, creative and sustainable entrepreneur

SE has been for me a journey of reconnection with myself.


Mother, photographer and landscape designer

I went to see Daya to work on a few specific relationship issues I wanted to explore. I found Daya to be an extremely skilled and dedicated SE practitioner. There is something very caring and gentle about her and she holds the space for things to unfold very safely. Throughout all of my sessions, I always felt like I was in really competent hands. I got some useful and interesting insights during my sessions with her that helped me to make some important choices. I would definitely recommend her.




"Held within the symptoms of trauma are the
very energies, potential and resources necessary for
their constructive transformation."





" While trauma can be hell on earth, trauma resolved is a gift of the gods, a heroic journey that belongs to each of us."




with Daya Cabestany * Somatic Experiencing® Ibiza


I offer invidual sessions at my office in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza.

I also offer online sessions via Zoom.

I am fluent in English and Spanish.

+34 630 919 030

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